What is delisting?
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This is the process of removing a stock from trading on an exchange, often followed by a takeover by another company. As a result of the Acquisition process, instead of the current share, the owner receives a share of another company.*

*For convenience and speed of settlements, instead of new shares (which are not yet listed in Libertex), customers receive the cash equivalent of the value of new shares.

For example: As a result of the takeover of Xilinx by another company AMD, XLNX shares ceased to trade, and for each share of XLNX, the owners received 1.7234 shares of AMD (1 share of AMD, and the fractional part in the form of cash).

Thus, the owner of 100 XLNX shares will receive 172 AMD shares and $38.85 (0.34*114.27), and the current XLNX shares will be deleted.

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