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What is a mandatory 50% Stop Out?
What is a mandatory 50% Stop Out?
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Please note that, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations that govern the business of Indication Investments Ltd (the 'Company'), the margin close-out rule will apply to a trade if the 50% margin value is equal to or less than the amount of funds involved in a trade.

For example:

You open a BRN trade for €1,000 with a multiplier/leverage of 10.

50% of this value is €500. This is the value that the Stop Out will be set at. In other words, it will be executed when the position reaches €500.

Note: If the amount of active trade increases, the Stop Out value will be 50% of the new amount.

For example:

You open a EUR/USD trade for €1,000. The Stop Loss level is 50%, which is equal to €500.

After you increase the amount of the active trade by €500, the total amount is €1,500, and the Stop Loss level is automatically set to €750.

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