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What does it mean to reinvest floating profit?
What does it mean to reinvest floating profit?
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If you've got a trade which is currently 'in the money', and you expect the trend which is positive for you, to continue, you can reinvest your current floating profit into the same asset. This will help you use the profit you already earned to boost your trade amount.

How Reinvesting Floating Profit Works

  • The reinvested profit amount will be added to your trade amount.

  • The trade open price will change and will now be equal to the asset price at the moment of reinvesting.

  • The commission will be the same as for opening a new trade, however, the commission amount will be based on the reinvested profit amount, not on the whole trade amount.

  • The trade amount is increased with the floating profit amount while the multiplier still stays the same as at the time of opening the trade.

  • Once you've completed the reinvestment, the rollover fee will be calculated based on the new trade amount.

When reinvesting your profit, you can increase your potential profit in a single click while paying the minimum commission possible. The minimum amount required to make such a trade is €20.

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