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Changes to charging commission in MetaTrader 4
Changes to charging commission in MetaTrader 4
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Changes in trading conditions that will take effect on 16 May 2021 will introduce a new method for charging commission in MetaTrader 4. Previously, when opening a Market Execution trade on accounts, commission was taken when opening a position. The commission was displayed in the platform's Trade tab's Commission column. The minimum trade volume in MetaTrader 4 is 0.01 lots, and the commission for a minimum-volume trade is €0.06, which is reflected in the trade's result.

After the change to the method for charging commission, commission will be taken after the trade is closed, not when it's opened. In other words, once the trade is complete, the commission will appear under Account History in the Commission column. The commission amount remains unchanged.

For example:

  • Previously, when you open a trade for a 1.00 lot in the EUR/USD currency pair, you pay the spread but no commission. You will pay €6 (€0.06 for a lot of 0.01) in commission. This amount would instantly appear as a negative value, i.e., -€6.00 when opening the trade. There were no additional charges when the trade was closed.

  • Now, when you open a trade for a 1.00 lot in the EUR/USD currency pair, you pay no commission. In real terms, when not considering the spread, charges for opening the trade are equal to zero. The commission charge is moved to when the trade is closed. What's more, the commission for closing the trade is deducted from the available balance.

This is one of the best practices we're implementing from international financial institutions. The benefit of this new method is that it reduces the pressure on the account's balance when opening a large number of trades simultaneously. Trade now, pay later.

The actual commission amounts are displayed in Instrument Specifications on the Company's website CFD Specification.

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